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Electronic Downloads Policy

Thank you for choosing our services. Please read our electronic downloads policy carefully before proceeding with your purchase.

1. Confirmation of Awareness

By purchasing and downloading digital content from our website, you acknowledge and confirm that you are aware that:

  • Loss of 14-Day Right to Cancel: Upon initiating the download or streaming of digital content, you will lose your 14-day right to cancel as per the law.

2. Agreement to Instant Download

Before you start downloading or streaming content, you must agree to the following:

  • Instant Download Agreement: You consent to the immediate provision of the digital content and acknowledge that by starting the download or stream, you forfeit your right to cancel the purchase.

3. Confirmation of Contract

Upon completing your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email containing:

  • Pre-Contract Information: Details about your purchase, including product description, price, and any relevant terms and conditions.

  • Confirmation of Awareness and Agreement: A reminder of your acknowledgment that you lose your 14-day right to cancel upon starting the download or streaming.

4. Failure to Follow Procedures

If we do not adhere to these procedures:

  • Customer Rights: You will retain your 14-day right to cancel the purchase without any charges, despite having downloaded or streamed the content.

Steps to Ensure Compliance:

  1. Before Purchase:

    • Display a clear message about the loss of the 14-day right to cancel when customers add digital content to their cart.

    • Provide a checkbox for customers to confirm their awareness and agreement to this policy before proceeding to checkout.

  2. At Checkout:

    • Include a mandatory checkbox for customers to agree to instant download or streaming, explicitly stating they will lose the right to cancel once the download or streaming starts.

  3. After Purchase:

    • Send a confirmation email immediately after the purchase is completed, reiterating the terms and including all pre-contract information.

By implementing this policy, we ensure transparency and compliance with legal requirements, providing a smooth and informed experience for our customers.

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