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Passing the Thread: An Opportunity

Updated: Mar 26

It is with a mix of feelings that I share this message today. In just two brief years, our charming yarn shop has evolved into more than a business; it has become a lively thread interwoven into the community's fabric. After much thought, deliberation and discussion, I have made a decision that, though heavy on my heart, is the right step for me now.

Running our beloved yarn shop has been a journey filled with warmth, creativity, and connection. It has been a place where yarn enthusiasts could indulge their passions, where friendships were knitted together, and where a simple cup of coffee could spark joyful conversations or provide support in difficult times.

Regrettably, I find myself unable to continue leading the way. Despite our increasing turnover each month, it is time for me to pass the torch to another passionate individual who can nurture and advance what we have built together.

Stepping away from our beloved shop is no easy feat. Despite our growing success, I feel it's time to hand over the reins to a fellow yarn enthusiast who can take our community treasure to new heights.

This choice weighs on me deeply. While I could simply terminate the lease next March and quietly step aside, I believe our shop holds true value and potential for the right person – someone who can see beyond the yarn shelves to the community it serves and the stories it embodies.

To all the dreamers out there, to those who have envisioned themselves as owners of a cosy yarn sanctuary, I extend an offer. View this not just as a business deal, but as a chance to be part of something extraordinary. Our shop is more than a retail space; it is a haven where creativity flourishes, friendships bloom, and each skein holds endless promise.

If you have ever felt the allure of yarn tugging at your heartstrings, if you have dreamt of owning a place where warmth and creativity unite, I encourage you to reach out. Let's meet for a coffee, and I will share the tale of our shop – its triumphs, challenges, and potential.

Together, let's ensure that our shop remains a welcoming, inspiring, and comforting space for yarn enthusiasts of all kinds. I refer to it as 'our shop' because that's how I view it – not just mine, but a place for all of us. Let's craft a new chapter in our community's diverse tapestry.

In the meantime, I'd like to reassure you that I fully intend to grow and develop the community around the shop. I shall continue to run workshops and courses, and I hope that our guest tutors will continue to visit with their fabulous array of talents. Unfortunately, I will have to adapt my opening hours and I don't know how long I can keep the shop open but that is a decision that does not have to be made right now.

Let's keep the creativity flowing, the needles clicking, and the laughter echoing in our cosy corner. Together, we'll make the most of every stitch, every skein, and every shared moment. Here's to the future – one where the spirit of our yarn shop continues to thrive, evolve, and inspire.

With warm regards and heartfelt appreciation,


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1 Comment

Mar 06

Oh no my love I can just imagine how tough of a decision it must have been for you. Just to know that we will always love you and support you whatever you choose. You've brought so much joy and magic not just for the yarn shop but also to the community. You and your shop is truly magnificent!

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