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Welcome to my Brown Paper Loves Blog

Come and join me on my yarn shop journey in my little corner of the yard.

Thank you for joining me in my little corner of the yard. I am Donna and I am the face behind Brown Paper Loves. Today is the first anniversary of the opening of my shop so I thought it would be the perfect time to get my blog started and share my (probably random) musings with you.

I intend to use this blog to share some hints and tips with you as well as share my favourite yarns, accessories and patterns.

Why a yarn shop?

After almost 20 years in education, I felt it was time to take a break and explore other options for occupation. Buttons became a very important part of my life in the first year after leaving education (I will share more about this later when I introduce you to my button emporium). This somehow developed to become a collection of vintage haberdashery which led to idea of becoming a market haberdasher. Unfortunately, this idea coincided with the onset of lockdown and closure of markets. Late in 2021, when the worst was behind us, I was out walking one day when I discovered that this shop was empty and available to lease - 5 months later I moved in, and here I am!

Thank you for joining me

I am excited to share more of my story and look forward to spending more time with you.

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1 Comment

Jul 04, 2023

I don't get into town very often, if at all, but I'm certainly going to pop in one day to see what you've got - I'm quite keen to try Cygnet yarns so I'm very glad you're a stockist!😀 From, Simon.

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