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What our Customers have to say

Visited this cozy shop earlier today. Wasn't really in the market for yarn, but desperately needed buttons for a baby cardi. The lady, Donna, was very helpful and we had a long chat discovering that we have several things (besides yarn) in common. Would highly recommend, whatever your skill. There are social events too, so you won't leave without making a new friend!

Caroline Wallbank - Google


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Our Mission

At Brown Paper Loves we warmly invite everyone into the vibrant world of yarn, where creativity, community, and inclusivity intertwine. Nestled in the heart of Inch's Yard, Newbury, our small independent yarn store extends an open-armed welcome to all, transcending age, gender, race, and diversity.

Our mission is to foster a sense of belonging among those with an affinity for yarn, offering a diverse range of courses and workshops that inspire skill development and artistic expression. Through our carefully curated yarn collection, we aim to provide quality materials that elevate every crafting experience.

Embodying the spirit of hospitality, our website serves as a virtual extension of our physical space. Here, you can explore and purchase our handpicked yarns, delve into insightful blog posts, and connect with a community that shares your passion for all things yarn.

Join us on this creative journey where threads weave stories, and every stitch is an opportunity to craft connection, celebrate diversity, and knit the fabric of a welcoming and inspiring community."

Our Vision

At Brown Paper Loves, our core values are deeply ingrained in our business, guiding every interaction and initiative within our lively yarn community.

  • Quality: We are dedicated to sourcing and providing top-quality yarns and materials, ensuring that each ball and skein brings joy and sparks creativity in the hands of our customers.

  • Creativity: We embrace the limitless imagination of our crafting community, offering a supportive environment where creativity thrives and fresh ideas come to life with every stitch.

  • Community: We value connection and inclusivity, nurturing a friendly community where individuals from diverse backgrounds can gather to share their love for yarn, exchange ideas, and build lasting relationships.

  • Sustainability: Respecting our planet, we prioritise sustainability in our operations, from plastic free packaging, supporting local and UK suppliers to eco-friendly practices that reduce our environmental impact.

  • Education: Empowering our customers is our mission. Through interactive workshops, educational resources, and personalised support, we empower crafters of all skill levels to enhance their abilities and explore new horizons in the yarn world.

Our website reflects these values by offering a seamless and enriching user experience. From exploring our carefully curated yarn selection to engaging with inspiring content and connecting with like-minded enthusiasts, each interaction aims to cultivate creativity, community, and a sense of belonging.

Join us in weaving stories, embracing diversity, and strengthening the ties that make our yarn community truly exceptional.

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