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About Us

For me, brown paper is evocative of a simpler era when taking the time to reduce and reuse was just a matter of fact rather than a conscious lifestyle choice.  Folded brown paper and scraps of string folded away in a drawer ready for use another day.  Along with milk from the milkman, shopping in your own trolley or basket; home baking, darning and repairs.  Nothing replaced until it had reached the end of its usefulness – often repurposed until it had no possible life left in it.  As a small child, I remember our bin being a single black sack in a small ‘cage’ collected fortnightly and never full.  Clothes were passed from child to child, worn until they could no longer be patched at which point the buttons and zips would be removed and saved in a tin for use another time.  Those buttons and zips are still here, in Granny’s button tin that has provided many happy hours of counting and sorting on long rainy afternoons.  Brown Paper Loves was born from a sense of nostalgia and a love of simple, traditional and sustainable crafts.

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